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How to succeed in Boom, HQ 16 and above.

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1 How to succeed in Boom, HQ 16 and above. on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:54 pm

By : Dudebro

Im HQ 18, going to 19 and then 20 very soon. VP is always around 500. I'm seeing a lot of posts on several related topics.
1- can't find enough loot.
2- can't beat PVP bases on my map / not enough PVP bases
3- upgrades are too expensive and I get raided before I've saved enough loot.
4- "wah wah wah"

Here is DudeBro's solution:
1- get rid of your blue and green statues. They don't make a big enough impact on the game to benefit you when the important upgrades cost millions.
2- most players making the above complaints are at hq17 or above, and most should have 8-10 slots for statues. here are the ones you should have.
--RED: a troop damage and troop health MP.
--PURPLE: 3 masterpieces: RR, GBE, PSC. 3-4 guardians: 1-2 RR, 2 GBE.
3- NPC bases: save the ones that spawn with high wood, stone or iron, (good = about 100k unboosted, usually only 1 type will be high amounts), instantly beat the ones with bad loot to increase yawn rate (**spawn rate**)
4- PVP bases: do not raid until Dr. T days. Save the bases that have decent loot (above 100K on 2 or more types) and recycle the rest that have low loot. Always wait until the daily reward boat to "find new opponent", only do this once / day at this time except on Dr. T days.
5- Dr. T: Boost all statues, especially all RR, (I get 162% RR when boosted, that is like doing Dr. T 2.5x times) and go through Dr. T until you think you will loose most/all troops. Then stop. Move on to all the bases you've saved, only attack the ones you need for your upgrade. An hour or two after Dr. T starts, "find new opponent" on all saved PVP bases with low loot or to high difficulty to raid successfully. Hopefully you'll catch a new opponent going through Dr. T with lots of loot available. Even if a base has insane loot, its no good if you can't win. Look for bases that can be beaten and not kill all your troops.
6- prepare to spend lots of diamonds. I get so much loot on Dr. T days doing this that I actually have to spend diamonds to keep up with the insane amount of loot I get. For example, I did tanks from 9->11, 2 LC's from 16-> 17, and 2 RL's from 7->8 in about 2 hours of raiding. I lost 2 tanks, 8 medics in total. that was at HQ17.

- Any upgrade is within your reach. If you know how to save your daily reward boat until the last minute, and you're lucky enough to be in a TF that starts new OP's 5 min before daily reward, you can stack up both of those resource boats in a 5-10 min window and start Dr. T without losing loot to player raids with a decent amount of loot already in the bank.
- by the time Dr. T rolls around twice a week, your map will have at least 10-20 PVP bases saved up, plenty to choose from.
- You won't have to beat Dr. T, I usually stop around stages 14-16, depends when TMEDS can't win w/o losing tanks. I have never needed to continue b/c I have enough loot from Dr. T and good PVP bases saved that I don't need to progress further. I always switch to warriors after TMED to finish Dr. T if I'm done with upgrades and still have boost remaining, usually an hour or so. Just for fun.
- this strategy allows you to progress quickly w/o the frustration of losing saved resources. you will have enough resources after your big upgrade to do defenses/storage upgrades in between Dr. T days and losses from other player raids won't be as large when you were saving/praying/boosting blues.

- you'll have to get rid of your awesome green/blue statues
- you won't have much reason to play 5 days / week, other than 1 OP attack and a few NPC bases per day. (that's fun right!!!)
- you will have SO MUCH LOOT on Dr. T days you'll need to gem build times to spend it all or it goes to waste. If you don't have lots of gems saved or don't buy them, you'll still get big upgrades, but you'll progress slower only doing 1 upgrade per Dr. T day. If this is you, only go with 1 RR MP and guardian, add another troop damage/health/GBE statue, whichever is the best option available.
- your base will be raided with ease b/c you no longer have blue statues, but really, do you care if you get raided after you've done your big upgrades?
- you still need to get lucky with sculptor making statues you want, at good percentages.
- you still need to be good at raiding Dr. T and PVP bases.

I know I missed a few other little tips and tricks that help and I omitted discussion on troops levels/strategy. I'll let you all fill in the rest. this is just the basic strategy.

First, its now called "Yawn" rate because its so slow and unexciting.

Second, as I said, this strategy sets you up to only need to play about 2 times / week. Every other day is maybe 5 min. of NPC raids/OP attack/TF chat and once or twice a day checking in to collect loot and start upgrades. In my remaining time, I do 1000 push ups, sit ups and chin ups. then I hit the tanning bed, HARD bro, like so hard.

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