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Checking future statue to be made by sculptor

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1 Checking future statue to be made by sculptor on Wed Dec 24, 2014 9:17 am

Step 1
Go to home base screen then unplug the internet cable

Step 2
Go to sculptor make statues and use diamond to speed up

Step 3
Write down to keep a record of statues that the sculptor is going to make

Step 4
Exit completely or force stop boom beach

Step 5
Reconnect the internet cable and start boom beach. The power stones and diamond are back.

This trick is useful for statue allocation and usage of statue slots when upgrading sculptor. Good if you have saved up diamonds and power stones.

The statues types and percentage made by sculptor are fixed no matter what you do. Supercell will randomized the statue once in a while so it's better to save up power stones if you are going to get a series of poor to average statues and don't have a free statue slots. The next time supercell randomized the statues and you might get lucky.

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