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Battle Plan for our task force are posted here daily. Check in before you send troop in for attacks.

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Case #4 : Spy from other TF

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1 Case #4 : Spy from other TF on Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:58 pm

Blacksheep ID : ?? (Hidden as they are under-covered spy) afro

"I assume this {war game} like tactic is to reach TF #1 and thus have bragging rights?

I could see me coming home and my wife asks what I did today. I could respond, "I quietly joined into another TF, watched their replay videos and then made notes on their attack tactics. I can't wait to report back to my TF."
~ Cosmology

"Hahaha, yep! There's a certain TF (who shall remain nameless) that often send spies to our task force. They watch your replays and try to find out which OP you will open next, then leave. Lolz"
~ IQuit

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