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HQ guide reference ~ Level upgrade versus Unlock

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Nerve Center of your base!

The Headquarters is the nerve center of your base. Upgrading the HQ unlocks new base buildings and upgrades. If you HQ is destroyed, the attacking enemy wins the fight and can steal your resources

When other buildings in your base are destroyed, Headquarters receives some damage. Therefore, it can be a good tactics sometimes to destroy some other buildings before aiming at the Headquarters.

Take note that HQ = 20 is the Highest level at the moment

Troops vs. HQ level

HQ level 1 unlock Rifleman
HQ level 2 unlock Heavy
HQ level 5 unlock Zooka
HQ level 8 unlock Warrior
HQ level 11 unlock Tank
HQ level 15 unlock Medic

Gunboat Ability vs. HQ level

HQ level 1 unlock Artillery
HQ level 3 unlock Flare
HQ level 5 unlock Medkit
HQ level 7 unlock Shock Bomb
HQ level 10 unlock Barrage
HQ level 14 unlock Smoke Screen

Support Buildings vs. HQ level

HQ level 1 unlock 2 Landing Crafts, Gunboat, and Radar
HQ level 4 unlock Armory, and 3rd Landing Craft
HQ level 5 unlock Sculptor
HQ level 6 unlock 4th Landing Craft
HQ level 9 unlock Submarine, and 5th Landing Craft
HQ level 12 unlock 6th Landing Craft
HQ level 16 unlock 7th Landing Craft
HQ level 20 unlock 8th Landing Craft

Defensive Buildings vs. HQ level

HQ level 1 unlock Sniper Tower
HQ level 2 unlock Mine
HQ level 3 unlock Mortar
HQ level 4 unlock Machine Gun
HQ level 6 unlock Cannon
HQ level 9 unlock Flame Thrower
HQ level 10 unlock Boom Mine
HQ level 12 unlock Boom Cannon
HQ level 13 unlock Rocket Launcher
HQ level 17 unlock Shock Launcher

Sculptor statue vs. HQ level

HQ level 5 unlock 1st sculptor stutue
HQ level 7 unlock 2nd sculptor stutue
HQ level 9 unlock 3rd sculptor stutue
HQ level 12 unlock 4th sculptor stutue
HQ level 14 unlock 5th sculptor stutue
HQ level 16 unlock 6th sculptor stutue
HQ level 18 unlock 7th sculptor stutue
HQ level 20 unlock 8th sculptor stutue

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Benefit of upgrading your HQ :

"You do upgrade your offense capabilities as well, higher level armory, more landing craft with bigger more comfortable seats and way more leg room for troops. Also as you go along you unlock higher troop levels and better variety.

Aside from getting the resources to do so, there is no down side to pushing HQ as fast as allowed by the game parameters. "
~ RichardF

"You'll unlock other offensive and defensive items. A stronger offense should be a slightly higher priority over defense. It's much easier to go attack to gather resources than to defend resources. Both are important, but an offensive strategy will help you collect resources much faster than defending your home base to keep resources.

Higher level HQ = ability to upgrade more items. "
~ Cosmology

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