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Grenadier Attack strategy

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1 Grenadier Attack strategy on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:16 pm

"The Grenadier is a big and powerful ranged unit that deals area damage - rather inaccurately! Be careful about sending troops in front of him, as they might get caught in a grenade blast."

■The Grenadier is unlocked at Headquarters level 16, making it the current last troop to unlock.
■He throws grenades that can do splash damage.
■His throws are very inaccurate but can be very long.
■The grenades can damage your other Troops.

Offensive Strategy
Although the Grenadier's range is shorter than that of Sniper Towers and Boom Cannons, their inaccurate shots and splash damage allow them to attack these defenses without getting hit provided that they are targeting another building. Therefore, it is not a good idea to directly flare onto defenses.

Upgrade Differences
There are no visible changes between levels, but each upgrade increases the Grenadier's hitpoints (by 6%), DPS (by 7.5%), and training cost (by 1000 gold).

■His beret suggests special-operations training.
■His grenades can set off Mines and Boom Mines.
■The training cost of a Grenadier is the same as a Tank of equal level. However, since a Grenadier has fewer unit size than a Tank, it's the most expensive troop to fill up a fully upgraded set of Landing Crafts despite having fewer levels than Tanks (544,000 gold for maximum level Grenadiers; maximum level Tanks' 528,000 is a close second).

Note that Grenadier are weak against Rocket Launchers , Boom canon and Sniper towers.

Shocker and cannon range also can reach to hit them too

This is a video how the player take out a Lv 44 PVP base :

Are Grenadier good at taking out HQ on their own ? Check it out
to see how inaccurate their throwing are....

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2 Re: Grenadier Attack strategy on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:19 pm

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3 Grenadier Is USELESS! on Thu Dec 25, 2014 8:42 pm

Article posted by : TJwTC

I have spent quite a bit of diamonds upgrading him, and much more diamonds speed building different combos of units with him. I have been trying very hard to use this guy and I have come to the conclusion that he is absolutely useless! (He is useless at my current level of game-play.)

1. HP At 760 health he is marginally stronger that a Rifleman, but weaker than warriors, and even weaker than the medic.
Which means that he is very susceptible to STs, RLs, BCs, Motars and occasionally Cannons ( if he steps within range he is dead immediately).
With only 4 per LC this low health is unacceptable. He is out of range of FTs and he only steps within range of MGs when he is running in large groups of Grenadiers. He starts throwing right on the edge of the Cannons range. He will step within the cannons range when throwing at a nearby building or when he has to step in front of a fellow grenadier which happens very often.

2. DPS I am actually happy with the DPS. It goes along with his lack of accuracy and it works

3. Accuracy. Again, I don't mind his lack of accuracy, it adds a new element to the game. Also if he was more accurate it would be less likely that he would take out mines and random buildings.

4. Fire Rate. I would take a decrease in DPS for an increase in fire rate. His terrible fire rate when combined with his lack of accuracy makes him useless as a 1 or 2 LC addition to another troop combo. He is only good in large number but useless without some sort of meat shield(Heavies or Tanks), medics, or accurate troop (Tanks or Zookas). If you add any of those troops the lower number of Grenadiers reduces their effectiveness.
SLs will render him useless because of his slow fire rate and lack of accuracy.

5. Movement speed His description says that he is slow but only warriors are slightly faster than he is. This means that he will run ahead of tanks during battle and run ahead of heavies when flared to a position. This renders your meat shield useless.

6. Training Cost Too expensive!
7. Training Time Too long!
8. Unit Size Needs to be reduced. However, if any of 1-5 are fixed, then I believe that his current unit size is accurate.

Conclusion. I hope that Supercell will take a look at this troop for the next update. He is fun, He can be useful, and he would would add an interesting new dynamic to the game if they fix him.

My points 1-8 above need to be adjusted. I don't think all should be adjusted. Maybe one or two of them but definitely not all.

For those of you that have played with him what are your thoughts?

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