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Task Force Rules and Regulations

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1 Task Force Rules and Regulations on Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:38 pm

Welcome to the Team. Posted here are the general rules of the task force.
Once you read and understand the rules please post on this page saying that you agree.  
This way we know that all member know and understand the TF's rules.

1: We require all members must be active and stay active

2: All players must contribute a minimum of 15 Intel per week

*2.1: Players that do not meet the minimum intel per week will get
        1/2 point added to their monthly total.
        4 points in one month will result in removal.                    

3: All players are expected to take part in the Task Force attack  

4.1  Kick out selection for inactives will follow a points system.  Players will get points for missing an op.  Get 4 points in a 1 Month period and player will be removed from the TF.  Each player will be able to keep track of their points here at the forum in the Task Force name list thread.  Points will be posted by their name.
   *Exception to this rule:
  1: We understand all players can not          
    be here everyday. So we ask that if you are going to miss an OP.
    just let us know. If we know before hand players will not earn
  2: New members will be expected to take part in all ops
    for the first month of membership. A new player missing a
    unfinished op in that first month, with out letting us know
   before hand will be kicked out.  

4.2  All attacks on an OP are to be finished 1 hour before the OP ends.  Any attack within the last hour of an OP will be counted as 1/2 point towards the players Monthly point total. Player removal may result

5: Officers have the power to start an OP if the Leader is away.
   But the OP must be the same level as the OP that just ended,
   unless otherwise stated by the Leader.

6: Officer have the power to remove a player from the TF for
   extreme reasons only. Otherwise the Officer must consult
   with the leader about player removal.

7: Once an OP attack is started only one base at a time is to be
   attacked. All members will attack that base alone until it falls.
   At that time either Officers or Members may pick the next
   base to attack. Rule of thumb is: hardest bases first.

8: Sabotage attack must be authorized by leader before use if
   intel level is under 900.
   *Any officer is to use sabotage once the intel is over 900
     regardless if it is needed or not. We want to keep a buffer
     so intel gathering efforts are counted.

9: THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL: HAVE FUN   Exclamation  Exclamation

*More rules may be added as needed

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2 Re: Task Force Rules and Regulations on Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:45 am

This is the expectation when our task force is 50 manpower strong......

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3 Re: Task Force Rules and Regulations on Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:50 am

== Everyone are required to work as a Team ==

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